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More Made in USA Malarkey: FTC Issues Consent Order

More Made in USA Malarkey - FTC Issues Consent Order - USA Flags and USA Boxes on Conveyer Belt

Has it really been five years since we discussed the Federal Trade Commission’s enforcement action against Chemence, Inc. for improper Made in USA claims? Yes, five years and a few days, in fact, and the sad saga is finally over: Chemence and the FTC have resolved the case, with the details set … Read More...

SMIC’s Holiday Surprise: Addition to Entity List

Is it possible to believe that coal can show up in your stocking, even if you don’t believe in Santa Claus? Maybe not, but Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation just received another lump, on top of those from earlier in the year. It has joined the by now not-so-exclusive club called … Read More...

New Marking Requirement for Products from Hong Kong

While September 25, 2020 may seem far off, I expect a lot of importers of goods from Hong Kong will be keeping a close eye on the calendar until then.  That’s the last date on which merchandise may be imported with Hong Kong identified as the country of origin. After that, they will be considered … Read More...

Extension and Revision of FEMA PPE Export Controls

My oh my, how time has flown. The Federal Emergency Management Agency imposed COVID-19-related export controls on certain types personal protective equipment back in April 2020. This temporary rule was set to expire on August 10. Instead, FEMA has extended the expiration date, through December 31, … Read More...

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