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What’s New with the Same Old Same Old

While the Trump administration’s latest trade restrictions may get the most attention, there also have been developments in some of the older ones as well. Here’s a summary. No More GSP for Turkey and India  We knew these moments were coming, and now here they are. India’s loss of “beneficiary … Read More...

Which Way for Huawei?

It’s not surprising that Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies is back in the headlines. Most export control proceedings take place outside the spotlight, perhaps getting a brief mention at most on the business page. The new restrictions on Huawei differ because they have … Read More...

Short Takes on Trade Developments

Here are synopses of some of the many new trade regulation initiatives issued in the past month or so. Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft Controls Revisited As part of their ongoing Export Control Reform initiative, the State and Commerce Departments have invited comments on the scope of export … Read More...

And This Year’s Award Goes To . . .

There are all kinds of annual awards: Razzies for bad films, Golden Mullets for the worst video game and the Turnip Prize for lousy art. That got me to thinking that maybe another one’s in order, to celebrate the most embarrassing export control penalty of the year. Let’s call it the Dummies. My … Read More...

“Malicious Synergy” and the Section 301 Tariffs

wooden crate

“Synergy”, the outcome when two or more items combine to create something greater than the sum of its parts, generally is considered a good thing. Several recent international trade developments show that synergy also can work in reverse, in this instance turning three separate obnoxious events into … Read More...

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